Book Launch: Letters to Process, edited by Anne Vigeland at MDT Stockholm.

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Photo by Anne Vigeland

“Letters to Process” is an anthology of artists’ writings on the topics of work and process, inspired by Linda Blomqvist’s “Selma”

During the process of creating “Selma”, Linda wrote numerous letters to and for “Selma”, as if the work itself was a subject – a fictive someone to lean on, dance with and write to. The letters reflect upon artistic work as a relational endeavour, mirroring the emotional bond that arose and developed between the artist and her work over time.

In “Letters to Process”, Linda and “Selma” are in the company of fourteen other artists who have written letters to artistic processes of their own. Collectively, the letters make up a diverse archive of observations and meditations on practice and process, unravelling the relational and affective commitments that constitute artist’s work.

During the book launch, editor Anne Vigeland will present “Letters to Process”, followed by a series of readings. The book will be available free of charge.


SELMA as part of Swedish Dance at Tanzmesse 2020 Düsseldorf

Groups and Choreographers presented at Tanzmesse 2020:

                             Photo by Johan Selander


SELMA at Dansens Hus as part of Late Night IMG_5262

Photo by Johan Selander

THE VIBE at the opening of Stockholm International Poetry festival 2019



Photo by Harald Carlinger

THE VIBE at Dansens Hus as part of Late Night

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SELMA at Dansens Hus Stockholm as part of Late Night




THE VIBE as part of Dansmässan 2019 at Eric Ericssohallen

Photo by Anja Arnqvist

THE VIBE compressed/Lil Vibe for NUDA/Peroni in Stockholm


Photo by Josefin Laul


This is the sonic unfolding of THE SOUND from MDT, Stockholm in March 2018. It’s a live recording heard best with headphones:) Enjoy!


A beach yet unfound from The Sound Unplugged

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We – An unknown opera by Bach? by Jon R Skulberg

190312_193156_JG.jpgPhoto by Johan Gunséus

THE VIBE compressed/Lil Vibe at Köttinspektionen Uppsala as part of the exhibition BODY OF CARE AND CONTROL

The vibe 4

the vibe 5Photo by Yuying Hu

I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH, BUT NOT ALL THE TRUTH by Dora Garcia Lopez at Bonniers Konsthall

32535431368_ea71e6d95f_oPhoto by Jean-Baptiste Béranger and Oskar Omne

The Sound Unplugged at Danscentrum as part of LABO Stockholm

Disclaimer! Due to technical difficulties the sound recording failed and so there is a noise throughout this documentation. Hope you can enjoy it regardless!


THE VIBE at Dansmässan 2018 – Intervju by Greta Thurfjell in DN Kultur

image1Dansmässan 2018 is presenting THE VIBE at Eric Ericssonhallen November 14th from 5pm-8pm

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 7.17.28 PM

Destruction Lab with Florentina Holzinger and Kristallmatrixen at My Wild Flag



THE SOUDN Trailer by Aleksandra Sende

Review of The Sound in English by Ellen Söderhult in Contemporary Cruising

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THE SOUND at MDT, Stockholm. Pictures by Aleksandra Sende









Esta Matkovic blog for Labo Stockholm on The Sound Unplugged

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The Sound Unplugged at the LABO festival in Stockholm April 21st

HeddaAxelsson_180422_42B5409.jpgHeddaAxelsson_180422_42B5436.jpgHeddaAxelsson_180422_42B5448.jpgPhotos by Hedda Axelsson

Circle LUX 9 April 14th at the Labo festival in Stockholm organized by Cullberg ballet

 Cock, Cock.. Who's There? in Stockholm 18th & 19th of April at the Labo FEstival organised by Cullberg Ballet

Premiere of THE SOUND at MDT Stockholm March 21st and 22nd 2018

IMG_20180321_184511_861Picture by Axel Norén

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.02.27 PM.pngReview in Scenkonstguiden by Anne Vigeland


Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.01.21 PM.png

Review in Danstidningen by Ellen Söderhult 

The sound – To listen with all senses by Ellen Söderhult



Herradura Reposado by Mårten Spångberg with Emma Daniel, Else Turnemyr and Adriano Wilfert Jensen at the Material Art fair, Mexico City



Panel discussion – ‘Creating the future’ with Bambam Frost, Ellen Söderhult, Stina Nyberg and Linda Blomqvist. Moderated by Cecilia Malmström Olsson as part of the 30 year anniversary of MDT and the yearly festival Another fine selection 2017.



SPRINT – Independent publishers and artists books salon Milano 2017 featuring Indigo Dance Magazine – They Come At Dawn.



VN Serenade by Cristina Rizzo at LAC Lugano Art and Culture



After party Bâtard festival with wonderful Sandra Lolax and Sara bergsmark

Bâtard Festival-4.11 - 93.jpgCourtesy of Cillian O’Neill


The Sound pre-premiere at the Bâtard festival 2017

Bâtard Festival-4.11 - 26Courtesy of Cillian O’Neill


Article on The Sound by Pieter T’Jonck in De Morgen




Ana Vujanovic’s text on landscape dramaturgy in which she mentions Cosmos The Beach


NATTEN by Mårten Spångberg at Rockbund Art Museum Shanghai



Circle LUX 9 at MDT Stockholm




Indigo Dance Work at Performing Arts Forum





Cosmos The Beach Trailer


Cosmos The Beach ImpulsTanz Vienna, Review by Helmut Pobst

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 4.36.25 PM.png

Interview on Cosmos The Beach by Rita Natalia

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 2.13.00 PM.png—interview-with-linda-blomqvist-278


Review by Ellen Söderhult eng translation:


They come at dawn – INDIGO DANCE MAGAZINE release party, Impulstanz Vienna